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About the VET Campaign

Unemployment of youth in Kosovo is one of the biggest challenges that our country is facing.  One of the negative drivers of high unemployment rate, especially amongst youth, is a major skills deficit in the labor market, indicating that there is no genuine strategy linking vocational education with the job market.

Hereby, in order to communicate better with the designated target groups about importance and market needs of vocational education we have developed a comprehensive media campaign with catchy and promising communication messages that are adaptable for various communication channels and call for action.
All campaign elements are designed in the same spirit: the logo reflects the objective esthetically, with a design that is modern and youthful, yet, communicates the message clearly.
With this campaign we want to push forward the idea of technical profession as a cool, appealing one, with a lot of prospects in the future. Moreover, selecting such a profession will get one more quickly to the job market. We believe that the campaign needs a bold statement e, since it makes heads (of parents, current and prospective students, and policymakers) turn and wonder about this, and thus opening space for debate.
We want more noise about vocational education and training in Kosovo!
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