SDC Project Implemented by Helvetas and MDA

Using business service provision for company growth

Transition from family business into structured and governed corporate with a strategic plan for development can be completed with the help of consulting companies. The best example is Corporate “Rugove” which was transformed into proper corporate that resulted in substantial growth in sales and employment. This was the main message that was delivered from the Business Lunch held on the 8th of October 2015 in the premises of Emerald Hotel. This event was organized by CEED Kosovo, where nearly 40 representatives from businesses and consultancy companies operating in Kosovo participated. Simultaneously informal panel discussion was held with the representatives of three companies. The main objective of this event was networking as a bridge to increase cooperation between businesses and exchange the experiences on the usage of outsourcing for business development and growth. This is project of CEED Kosovo that is being supported by EYE (Enhancing Youth Employment project supported from Swiss government and implemented from Helvetas Swiss Interoperation in cooperation with MDA), and it is the continuation of successful cooperation between these organizations, with the main objective to encourage development of the private sector in Kosovo.

Kreshnik Lleshi, Director of CEED Kosovo pointed out that the aim of the event is to increase businesses awareness for the importance of using business services for the development and growth of the companies.

One of the panelist, was Visar Kelmendi founder and co-owner of Corporate “Rugove”. While sharing his experience with participants, Mr. Kelmendi explained that from 2006 when the company was founded until 2009 “Rugove was a family run business, production was not structured and sales were not planned. In 2009, Mr. Kelmendi identified the need of restructuring the company, initiating transition from family run business into a structured corporate with governing body and a strategic plan for development.

Gëzim Begolli, director of IQ Link and Httpool Kosova talked about his experience and the proces of establishing and developing these two companies. He pointed out on the importance of business outsourcing while in charge of two companies. “Experts of different fields can help companies avoid making mistakes and wasting additional resources and energy” said Mr. Begolli.

On the other hand as a representative of consultancy companies in the panel was Leke Musa, Partner in Baker Tilly International Kosovo. Mr. Musa shared with participants the other side of coin, being a consultant in Kosovo, he said that the main objective in consultancy is to increase the efficiency of business processes. According to him “the key role of consultants is to identify the problem within the company, because they are not integral part of it, they can see from a different perspective. They can see clearer the problems that owners sometimes cannot identify. Businesses should not have limits; they should continually search and explore opportunities for further development” said Mr. Musa.

After the panel discussion, participants had the opportunity to ask questions related to possibilities of using business outsourcing in their companies. Mr. Lleshi from CEED Kosovo closed the event considering that if firms use business services properly, the company will always benefit.

The second Business Lunch, part of the project of CEED Kosovo with the support of EYE, will be held in the end of October 2015 and aims to cover the topic “Attract investment through professional services”. /Telegrafi/


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