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Power to HR - Global HR Summit by KosovaJob

The Power to HR - The Global HR Summit, organized by KosovaJob, brought together over three hundred Human Resources professionals and CEOs in Kosovo. The summit aimed to provide dynamic insights into digital recruitment, talent acquisition, and employee retention by featuring international experts from Meta, LinkedIn, and the former director of BBC Academy. Additionally, local panels explored unique challenges related to employer branding and recruitment. The EYE Project, a longstanding partner with KosovaJob, played a vital role in spearheading the initiative and elevating the discourse on investing in HR at the national level.

The summit featured prominent international experts from industry-leading organizations such as Meta, LinkedIn, and the former director of BBC Academy. These experts shared cutting-edge insights on various aspects of HR, including digital recruitment strategies, talent acquisition best practices, and effective employee retention methods. Their valuable perspectives provided attendees with a global outlook on the ever-evolving HR landscape.

Simultaneously, local panels offered in-depth discussions on unique employer branding challenges and recruitment hurdles specific to the region. These local insights allowed attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the HR industry's intricacies in Kosovo.

The EYE Project has been a valuable and proactive partner with KosovaJob for over a decade. Their contribution played a crucial role in making the summit a reality. They took on various responsibilities, including co-financing the event, selecting speakers, promoting the summit, recommending panelists, suggesting business models, and handling event branding. Their commitment to promoting sustainable HR practices and creating inclusive workplaces was evident throughout the event.

The Power to HR - The Global HR Summit aimed to promote sustainable HR practices and advocate for inclusive workplaces. By addressing the diverse challenges faced by employers, employees, and society as a whole, the summit sought to bring positive and meaningful change to the HR industry in Kosovo.

Given the success and impact of the inaugural Power to HR summit, it has been decided to make it an annual event. The support from private sponsors will enable the summit to grow and evolve beyond the EYE Project's involvement. This continuity will foster the development of the HR industry in Kosovo and ensure that the discourse on HR investment remains at the forefront of the nation's agenda.

The Power to HR - The Global HR Summit by KosovaJob marked a significant milestone for the HR industry in Kosovo. With the participation of international experts and local panels, the event provided valuable insights that resonated with HR professionals and CEOs in the region. The active involvement of the EYE Project in driving this initiative demonstrated the commitment to elevating the HR discourse to a national level. As an annual event, Power to HR will continue to promote sustainable HR practices and foster inclusive workplaces, contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of Kosovo's HR industry.

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