SDC Project Implemented by Helvetas and MDA

Partnership for business development

January 24, 2014 – New major activity kick-started today through a  partnership agreement signed between Project EYE and the leading company within  agro-food processing sector, Rugove LLC.

The aim of this cooperation is to develop new business plan for Rugove with the overall goal of enhancing further their market presence and the sales of prime products such as water and cheese.

Expert business consultancy firm will facilitate the project implementation phases that will long for 6 months and focus specifically on Rugove’s business development, strategic and operational planning, marketing,  as well as external financing mechanisms.

The impact of this intervention as well as new business practices that will be developed from this initiative will be also promoted further through   the new priority initiative by Project EYE for 2014 called: Human Capital Building Initiative (HCBI).

The main idea behind this initiative will be to support lead firms in developing their human capacities by implanting solutions and standards provided by the local consultants involved in HCBI.

This EYE Project initiative is expected to include several Lead Firms from various sectors, and Business Support Service Providers, specialized in different areas of business  development such as HR, marketing, financing and so on.


EYE takes a systems approach to problem understanding and an adaptive approach to management.

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