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New ICT Training Center – PRAKTIK

ePayTech LLC , an innovative business of the ICT sector dealing with e-Governance and e-Business solutions, is establishing a IT training center in the municipality of Peja. The training center called PRAKTIK (new program for training workforce in Information Technology) provides innovative ICT trainings tailored and designed to enhance specific ICT skills to 15-25 years old and increase employment opportunities by better preparing them to enter the labor market either through self-employment or through internships facilitated by the training center.

The center will offer three types of training programs: ICT technician, software development and business development training, which are identified as a gap by private sector in the Skill Gap Analysis of STIKK. ePayTech has also done their own research in the Peja region to prove the demand for these types of skills in municipalities, non-governmental organizations, and businesses in sectors of agro food processing, financial institutions  and trade.

EYE Project under its Skill Supply component has signed an agreement with ePay Tech LLC to jointly invest in establishing PRAKTIK training center in Peja. Up to 300 young women and men, mainly from Peja region are expected to benefit from the training offered by ePay Tech LLC in the first 10 months of its operation, while, it is expected that 50% of the trainees will be will be accommodated in internships at local business entities.


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