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MTI and EYE Project presented the Report on “Start-up businesses and business support services for start-ups in Kosovo”

Pristina – October 25, 2013. Findings from the Report on “Start-up  businesses and business support services for start-ups in Kosovo” were  presented today in front of an audience of around 80 officials representing  private companies and start-up businesses, business support organizations,  donor community, Kosovo Government. The objective of this presentation was to  open the ground for potential interventions in the future of start-up market  and business support services for young entrepreneurs in Kosovo.

Mr. Valdrin Lluka, CEO of Investment and Promotion Agency  within Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), and Jakob Modeer, EYE Consultant  took the floor to present and discuss different facts and recommendations  affecting the start-up environment in Kosovo.

Mr. Lluka pointed out MTI’s commitment to support the  dialogue between private sector and education institutions to better  accommodate the needs of labor market in Kosovo.

According to Mr. Modeer, one of the main problems hampering  better prosperity of start-ups is not the lack of entrepreneurship spirit, but  the limited organizational and management skills.

The other element that was highlighted by Mr. Vllaznim  Xhiha, Head of Eye Venture, was that most of start-ups focus in trade, rather  than local manufacturing which hinders their business growth and  competition.

The assessment presents a general overview of the start-up  market in Kosovo, including characteristics of the start-up companies, projects  and programs in place to create start-ups, and recommendations for future  interventions by stakeholders involved in this area of self-employment.

The report was commissioned by EYE – Enhancing Youth  Employment Project funded by Swiss Government and was conducted in cooperation  with Ministry of Trade and Industry.

For more information, download the publication.


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