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MEST strengthening the counseling and guidance services

Youth in Kosovo receive inadequate counseling and guidance in the early stages of their professional life – eg when they are making the choice of a profession that suits them mostly. As a result, the education institutions are oversupplying some skills profiles, while other skills demanded by the private sector remain undersupplied therefore complicating the prospects of employment in the country.

The development of services for counseling and career guidance in educational institutions in Kosovo is a priority for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) within the concept of lifelong learning. Offering these services by professional staff requires adequate skills to be developed by MEST through appropriate training programs for the profession of career counselors.

To set the agenda ahead for the training of job and career advisors, MEST and EYE, organized a meeting on 5 November 2015, with local and international experts in this field.

The meeting was opened Anila Statovci Demaj, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, who spoke about the importance of developing and strengthening career guidance and counseling services in education institutions in Kosovo in order to provide young women and men access to employment opportunities in line with real labor market needs.

Parallel to this process, MEST and EYE is also working to raise the awareness of higher education institutions public invest and develop further their of career guidance services for faster transition of graduate student into labor market. For this purpose a separate event was organize facilitated as a part of the overall agenda to strengthen counseling and guidance services in Kosovo.


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