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Human Capital Development Initiative – HCDI Kick-Off Event

Lead firms and Kosovar consultants met on 16 April 2014 in Prishtina to discuss the human capital development priorities within the private sector in Kosovo. In a “World Café” setting, the consultants and the private sector representatives raised issues that pertain to businesses growth through skilled labor, the offer of business consultancies regarding human capital development issues, the issue of private firms’ investment in training and development of employees and other issues of human capital development in Kosovo.

15 representatives of firms from agribusiness, construction and retail sector, and 19 consultants participated in this half day event. This “World Café” event was organized by the EYE project and was co-facilitated by CEED and marks the first activity of Human Capital Development Initiative – HCDI which will be launched in May this year.

HCDI was developed as a result of a research conducted by CEED on the “HR Needs of Lead Firms” which revealed the need to enhance matching between Lead Firms and specialized local consulting firms.

HCDI will run throughout the year 2014. The objective of the HCDI is to promote the human capital development by developing the skills of a pool of consultants, piloting HR intervention in a number of lead firms and sharing the success stories with other private sector players.


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