SDC Project Implemented by Helvetas and MDA

Development of “School-Based Career Center” Model for VET Schools in Kosovo

Aligning with goals of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) to foster the development of career management skills among VET students in order to prevent early school leaving and to bridge the education system with the labour market (employability), EYE project and MEST are committed to develop the model of “School-Based Career Center” for medium sized municipalities, as an integrated element of the overall VET school system.

From 26 Feb -01 March 2018 was organized a two-day workshop in Prishtina in order to introduce to relevant institutions and stakeholders the key characteristics of the model “School-Based Career Center”, which is conceptualized following best practices and lessons learned from two pilot career centers in Vushtrri and Prishtina municipalities that were developed during the period 2014-2016 by support of EYE project. Additional expertise was brought by the organization Business Foundation for Education, which is a recognized leader in the field of lifelong learning and career guidance in Bulgaria.

This two-day workshop was attended by representatives of MEST, AVETAE, Municipal Education Directorates (MED) and VET Schools of Vushtrri, Ferizaj, Kaçanik and Gjakova, staff of pilot career centers in Vushtrri and Prishtina, as well as other donor representatives that are active in supporting career guidance in education and employment sector in Kosovo.

During this two-day workshop a concept note for development of “School-Based Career Center” Model was signed by three new VET schools where the Career Center will be launched. These are VET Schools “Zenel Hajdini” in Ferizaj, “Nexhmedin Nixha” in Gjakova, and “Feriz Guri and Vëllëzërit Çaka” in Kaçanik.


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