“Media approach towards employment policies”

//“Media approach towards employment policies”

“Media approach towards employment policies”

On 23rd Jan 2018, NGO Lëvizja FOL organized an open debate with the topic “Media approach towards employment policies”. 11 media representatives were present.

The opening debate was done by Mr. Jeton Zulfaj from Lëvizja FOL stating the reason of the debate is to address different questions towards employment policies such as: How media report regarding employment policies, and how attractive is this topic and if it does generate incomes for their media?

The debate was followed by Lëvizja FOL report findings. The report analyzed the media coverage of policy discussions on employment by focusing on youth employment. From media monitoring Lëvizja FOL noticed that thousands of articles that are produced only a few dozen are related to the employment issue. Further, Mr. Visar Prebreza editor at Kallxo.com said that he does not believe that topics of employment will include the top 100 ever-clicked news. “We should not fight how to put them in the top 100, but we have to fight how to produce more qualitative news”, adding that the issue of employment is related to broader topics such as corruption, nepotism, etc.

The debate was followed by open discussions among media representatives and was positively accepted by all participants.

For further information on the debate follow the link: http://levizjafol.org/mbulimi-i-politikave-te-punesimit-sfide-per-mediat/

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