The Rise of Future Leaders – Social Enterprises in Kosovo

/The Rise of Future Leaders – Social Enterprises in Kosovo
The Rise of Future Leaders – Social Enterprises in Kosovo 2018-02-09T14:58:10+00:00

Project Description

One of the most effective responses to societal challenges in recent years has been the development and growth of social enterprises. It is inspiring to see how this global movement is having an impact around the world, not only in developed countries, but in developing and emerging nations as well. As the government of Kosovo already recognized this trend and has resulted in the current draft legislation on social enterprise, this is a great moment for Kosovo to build on the progress already made and to learn from the experiences of social enterprise experts and practitioners around the world.

With this study, the aim is to increase the understanding of the existing social enterprise trends, practices and policies in Kosovo; and based on insights from global trends, to challenge some of the traditional (and often less effective) approaches to doing business and tackling societal problems in Kosovo. However, some barriers and restrictions still need to be addressed, especially in terms of the way social enterprise is currently defined, structured and incentivised. Kosovo is ready to align more closely with the latest trends in social enterprise within Europe and around the world. When it does, this will be a great source of energy to accelerate sustainable development and to shift to a country that is values- and solutions-driven.

This research report was commissioned by LENS and EYE (Enhancing Youth Employment) with the aim to: 1) map out the entities operating as social enterprises in Kosovo; 2) identify key societal and environmental challenges in Kosovo; 3) review international legislative and market-based models for social enterprises; and 4) propose a definition of social enterprises.