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Working Approach

EYE Exit Phase 

The overall goal of EYE phase III is to increase the employability of young women and men in Kosovo. It will be achieved in a socially inclusive and sustainable way through systemic interventions in TWO interrelated areas: (1) Young women and men in Kosovo increase their employability by enhanced market demanded skills through improved access to training through industry-led training providers and non-formal training institutions (2) Young women and men can make better-informed career choices due to a more demand-driven career guidance system, while at the same time benefitting from a more efficient labour market information system. 

EYE takes a systems approach to analyzing and solving problems as well as an adaptive approach to management. We think of the labor market system as an animal that needs to evolve quickly and productively - to survive in a globalized economy, and we find ways to help the system produce a more relevant, productive and promising workforce. 

We also balance strategy with opportunism. We pursue our long-term goal of a dynamic labor market system while continuously identifying new promising ideas and opportunities, then we mobilize our resources and partnerships to make change happen. 

If you want to see what EYE has achieved during the second phase II, download the document below.

EYE takes a systems approach to problem understanding and an adaptive approach to management.

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