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Vocational Education with a twist: preparing a new generation of Kosovar Pâtissier Chefs and Master Bakers

The pastry and bakery industry is growing fast in Kosovo. One needs little more than to take a quick walk in downtown Prishtina to be enchanted by sights of bakeries of all sizes serving delicious, savory pastries in every corner. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love the sight of a soft, buttery croissant in the morning? 

But, what about making them? Let’s say that you’re a young chap aspiring to become a pastry chef; how do you go about learning the complex baking process that produces those savory croissants that people can’t go without? Well, up until recently, the lack of training providers in the field meant opportunities to become trained in pastry and bakery were scarce. This was particularly concerning as, every year, thousands of young people in Kosovo enter the labor market and don’t have the right skills for work.

For Kosovo businesses, a skilled workforce is essential, but is difficult to find and is difficult to build through on-the-job trainings, not least because of the cost-burden for employers. To us at EYE, it’s important that the skills of young women and men meet the demand of business sectors.

Enter Korabi Innovation Center. It’s a new state-of-the-art pastry training center which will provide hundreds of people with the full toolbox of pastry/bakery techniques and impact the whole market of bakery and pastry industry in Kosovo! We’re particularly excited about this center as it will cater to a new target group of young people and employers.

Each training program will be offered in three levels: basic, semi-advanced, and advanced. So whether you’re new or old to the art of culinary bakery and pastry, this state-of-the-art center will have something in store for everyone: from home cooks and part-time cooks who want to dip their toe in the water, to those wanting to delve more seriously into the craft and pursue a career in the field, perhaps even setting up their own businesses one day!

This center is slated to increase the inflow of qualified workers in the labor market, and effectively develop the skills of young women and men to better match the needs of business. Good luck to Korabi Training Center as they prepare a new generation of Kosovar Pâtissier Chefs and Master Bakers!

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