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VET Summit 2023 - Investment in skills, advancement in the economy!

Kosovo's economy, with its vast potential, especially in the manufacturing sector, has emerged as a promising opportunity for growth. However, it faces a significant challenge - a shortage of skilled workers. In order to unlock the true potential of the industries and address this pressing issue, the EYE Project collaborated with Klubi i Prodhuesve të Kosovës to organize the annual VET Summit. The summit aimed to advocate and promote Vocational Education and Training (VET), emphasize the importance of career orientation for youth, and enhance productivity and exports by bridging the skill gap.

The primary objective of the VET Summit was to address the critical skill shortage in Kosovo's workforce, particularly in the manufacturing sector. By advocating for and promoting Vocational Education and Training, the summit sought to bridge the gap between the skills demanded by the industry and the skills possessed by the local workforce. In doing so, it aimed to equip the youth with relevant and practical skills that align with the needs of the job market, ultimately bolstering Kosovo's economy.

The VET Summit witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 600+ visitors in attendance. The participants represented various key stakeholders, including the private sector from Kosovo, Albania, and Northern Macedonia, government institutions, international donors, and academics. This diverse representation showcased the shared commitment of these stakeholders towards creating a skilled and professional workforce that can contribute to the economic growth of Kosovo.

Ultimately, the VET Summit's overarching goal was to contribute to Kosovo's economic growth. By bridging the skill gap and creating a professional workforce, the industries, especially manufacturing, are expected to experience increased productivity and exports. A well-trained and skilled workforce is poised to attract more investments and enhance the competitiveness of Kosovo's economy in the regional and global markets.

EYE takes a systems approach to problem understanding and an adaptive approach to management.

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