SDC Project Implemented by Helvetas and MDA

Training of Career Guidance Counselors

Twenty career guidance counselors have completed today a two-week intensive training as part of EYE’s initiative for competence development of guidance staff from Higher Education Providers (HEPs), VET Schools, Public Employment Services (PES), and NGOs.

Career Guidance is of significant importance to individuals during their transition between school and working life. Therefore EYE through these activities aims to strengthen and promote career guidance services at education institutions and at the institutions providing job matching services, to efficiently contribute to a better (more targeted) use of education and training opportunities, and quicker and better transition into employed or self-employed professionals.

Follow us for more on career guidance in coming weeks as more activities will take place jointly with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.


EYE takes a systems approach to problem understanding and an adaptive approach to management.

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