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Bekim Veseli's Story of Career Transformation

I am Bekim Veseli from the municipality of Peja. Initially, I was unemployed and couldn't see a future perspective for myself until a friend informed me about the courses at Beetroot Academy. I contacted them and asked for details about all the courses, and they informed me that they had just started the new course "Quality Assurance." After they provided me with detailed information about the course content, I liked the profile and decided to enroll in the course.

Initially, it wasn't easy because, as an unemployed person, I had to travel three times a week from Peja to attend the course and return. But I had the goal of completing the course and achieving something in life. The course was exceptional, with its lessons, various assignments, tests, and an amazing instructor, as well as getting to know new colleagues.

After completing the course, Beetroot Academy offered me a 3-month internship at the company Kutia. This motivated me a lot because from being unemployed, in two and a half months, I managed to start paid practical work.

During the internship, I continuously developed through the mentor's guidance, worked on real projects, and built new connections.

After finishing the internship, the company Kutia offered me a regular job as a Junior QA Manual Tester, which made me very happy.

All this experience from these months, the sacrifices, efforts, and dedication have paid off for me, but above all, the course at Beetroot Academy has helped me the most. Therefore, I recommend to young people to start developing their skills in this industry as soon as possible.

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