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First meeting of Career Guidance Counsellors

Center for Career Development of University of  Pristina “Hasan Pristina” hosted the first meeting of career guidance  counsellors from higher education institutions in Kosovo. Founding members of  this initiative are University of Pristina, and Colleges: AAB, FAMA, UNIVERSUM,  ILIRIA, and IBCM.

Main goal of this network is to contribute for the development  of a sustainable system of career guidance advice and orientation for students  of higher education in Kosovo. That said, the main aim is to enable current and  graduated students to prepare better for the labor market and their  professional careers by providing them with professional career guidance  services and updated information.

This initiative was further enriched and strengthened from the  practices learned during study visit in Slovenia and Austria. Visiting  participants were able to learn more on the actual working practices and   services offered within Career Guidance Centers in University of Ljubljana,  Maribor, Graz (Austria), and Trieste (Italy).

The process of  strengthening cooperation between Career Guidance Counsellors in Kosovo was  facilitated by EYE Project while the main aim is to promote services offered by  CGC and increase opportunities for better education, training, and employment of  youth in Kosovo.


EYE takes a systems approach to problem understanding and an adaptive approach to management.

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