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Career guidance supports young people to explore the world of the future!

Together with MESTI (Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation), we have organized an event on sharing the main findings from the research on the benefits of career center services at IVETs. The research results have shown a remarkably positive impact of career center services to students, businesses, and the community in general. Therefore, MESTI has set as a priority to institutionalize and standardize these services in IVETs at a national level therefore it is also included in the Kosovo Education Strategic Plan 2022-2026.

Currently, there are fully functioning 15 School-based Career Centers in IVETs in different municipalities, established by EYE in partnership with municipalities and AVETAE, and in cooperation with other donors. Hence we consider that it is valuable to share experiences, good practices, and benefits of this successful model of the school-based career center to other municipalities and IVETs and encourage them to invest in establishing additional career centers for better career development of youngsters.

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