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Agreement to support state-of-the-art concept of a Makerspace in Gjakova

EYE has signed an agreement with BONEVET to support the development of Makerspace in the city of Gjakova, first such facility that will allow people of young and old ages to develop their innovative ideas into real products and solutions. BONEVET will house state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and offer various community and education programs that will enable its users to design, prototype and create manufactured works.

BONEVET will offer the following trainings and courses such as:

  • Electronics, Circuit Bending and Robotics
  • Designing, 3 D modelling and 3D printing
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Programming, Introduction to Arduino and Raspberry PI

The first modules will be offered to children from 9-18 years of age. Meanwhile students, entrepreneurs, workers, hobbyists can benefit from the services offered at BONEVET premises which are equipped with tools and equipment to advance their knowledge by making things in practice. Inclusion of girls and women will be given a priority during Makerspace project implemented by BONEVET, with the support of EYE and other partners.


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